Heartbeat UK Coventry Providing Defibrillators To The Local Community Heartbeat UK Coventry - What is and AED? Heartbeat UK Contact Details

Heartbeat UK is a charity set up to benefit the community in providing life saving defibrillators.

Hearbeat Uk Coventry In Action

We have identified an urgent need in the UK for these life saving machines especially in rural areas where the emergency services have difficulty in reaching isolated areas to treat heart attack victims.

We rely solely on the goodwill of public donations to achieve our aims. Our fund-raising is our only means of support and so is absolutely vital to us.

Please help us to provide this essential equipment. Contact us and see how you can help us to provide these life saving machines.

Hearbeat UK Coventry Donating A Defibrillator

Presentation to Welsh Ambulance.

Hearbeat UK Coventry Donating A Defibrillator

Donation to 1st Responders.

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